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Riding the wave of memes with an arsenal
of DeFi services

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Community Driven

IndianaDoge is completely decentralized, the ownership of the project is community driven.

Dedicated Team

Our team dedicates their time to updating & fixing bugs whilst expanding their skill for a better product.

Dynamic Code

Indulge in an environment with powerful and optimized code, enhance your abilities to be the very best.

Reflection Token

Reflection tokens are cryptocurrencies that
reward holders by employing a mechanism
in which transactions are taxed and a
percentage of the tax charged is redistributed
to holders of the token. You can easily hold
$INDI and get rewarded in BNB on every valid transaction.

  • Q4 Phase 0 | 2021

    Hit the Books

    IndianaDoge's orignal concept begins to be constructed. The team assembles and constructs the DAO and starts to build the roots of the project.

  • Q1 Phase 1 | 2022

    Just Send It

    Launching of IndianaDoge
    Social Media Launch
    Website Launch Including Woofpaper
    Mandarin Website/Whitepaper
    Launch how to buy
    AMAs with Various Telegram Groups
    Coin Listing Websites
    Feixiaohao Listing
    Poocoin Ads
    TP Wallet Logo (Chinese Wallet)
    Get invovled with influencers
    Top Holder NFT Giveaway
    Overall Community Size Target 5000
    Launch of Series 1 NFTs
    NFT Staking

  • Q2 Phase 3 | 2022

    Bro What?

    Exchange Listing on Asian Exchange
    Expansion of Team
    Form Partnerships with Various Tokens
    Launch of Merch Store
    Banner Adverts(Dapp Radar, BTOK, Dex, Bscscan etc.)
    Giveaways of NFTs for Long-term Holders
    Overall Community Size Target 10,000

  • Q3 Phase 4 | 2022

    Hold Your Horses...

    IndianaDoge Developer team has not thought past this point, but there will be a IndianaDoge Game to go along with the token

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